Urban Training Corps
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Ladies only sessions - mon, wed, fri at 9.30am, tues at 8.15pm

General all over body workout, we keep you on your toes mixing it up with circuits boxing and bodyweight sessions! The time flies so quickly, you’ll not believe how quick your workout goes – we promise!

Sick Circuit

CrossFit advocates a mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting. Workouts are typically short, at around 30 minutes or less, but the intensity stays the same throughout.

These elements are mixed in numerous combinations to form prescribed Workouts of the Day.
Some affiliates offer additional classes, and here at UTC we’re no different. The aim of CrossFit is to physically prepare people for whatever life might throw at them. It is not about following a particular routine, but about constantly varying workouts.

Bridal Bootcamp

Urban Training Corps will be running a squat clinic to help you understand the fundamentals of posture, lifting and hopefully preparing you for the next level of your fitness. Squating, deadlifting and the other power exercises associated with Olympic lifting are a great way to understand body positioning, minimise injury and enable you to get more from every exercise - just from the understanding of technique.

We will start running a small class of 5 on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm Starting on 7th November at a charge of £5 per person.